Ends on September 1, 2017

You may submit one piece of original, unpublished prose--7,500 words max--or you may submit 1-4 pieces of original, unpublished flash fiction. For flash fiction, do not exceed a collective 4,000 words. 


Submit your files in .doc, .docX, or .wpf format, with 12-point type. Simultaneous submissions are accepted. Please include a short bio under "Cover Letter." Please remember to remove any identifying information from your Word document and from the title of your submission, as Rose Red Review reads blind. Submittable will conceal any information you choose to include in the cover letter section, but it cannot conceal the information on your Word document, or in the title field. In order to preserve anonymity when withdrawing a piece from your submission, please withdraw the entire submission and resubmit the remaining pieces to the "Resubmissions" category.


Thank you for the opportunity to read your work. Good luck!

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